About Bobbi Hayward

Seriously, folks…….. do you really want to know about ME? Wouldn’t you rather hear about what fun we’re going to have here at Blended Threads Workshops?

……….Well, the webmaster told me to write something, so here it is:

Born in rural West Virginia – and I do mean rural – I grew up under the watchful eyes and tutelage of my “Nonnie”. In so many ways, it was an idyllic childhood ……. Running across the open hills through wild blackberry patches as vast as midwestern corn fields, catching and holding hundreds of “lightning bugs” in my hands and then watching them fly off to do whatever lightning bugs do on hot summer evenings, and learning many of the fiber art skills as she had learned them a half century before – in many ways it was an idyllic childhood.

I grew to love the timeless values of the hills and learned how to express myself in the language of fibers. After relocating to California in the mid 1970’s, I drew from those skills to become a children’s puppet designer and participated in the nouveau-everything atmosphere of crafts fairs from California’s Silicon Valley to Los Angeles. My designs were simple and touchable, things kids could play with, interact with, and tell their deepest secrets.

In the ’80s, I returned to the East Coast with my husband and children and found myself teaching the skills I’d learned to my children, neighborhood children, my children’s school classes, and eventually to adults. Me? A teacher? My “rural” to “cosmopolitan” and back again journey gave me a perspective that students looking for refuge from hectic lives and long, long commutes wanted. I blended the “old” with the “new” in locations that were tranquil and still teaching in county parks and relaxed settings.

Knitting, crochet, tatting, embroidery, quilting and quilt preservation, custom tailoring, design, teaching, publishing and most recently spinning – I’ve done it and there’s always something new to learn. What’s next?

Check back and see……

Bobbi Hayward

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