Spin something “green”

This was the spinning assignment from Suzy Brown and Fiberygoodness on June 1, 2014.  The description of the assignment enchanted me –

“Transported to the deep dark woods, bathed in the depths of pureness, sweet smelling mosses, growing, mysterious, and mystic. The dampness, the greenness, trickling water sounding sweet and cool and the rich green canopy above, swaying in the breeze that never reaches the base of the trees. Its still here, and quiet, and it refreshes the soul to be breathing this air that almost seems imbued with green. In parts of Europe this is the realm of the Green Man. In my homeland New Zealand it is the very body of the earth mother, Papatuanuku. Since the earliest time, the forest has been our place of refuge and shelter, a source of food and security, it is no wonder green is such a powerful colour in our lives even now. It is considered a restful, peaceful colour, offering harmony and balance. It is associated with fertility and healing. It can also be associated with growth and change, freshness and energy. We have ‘green’ energy, ‘green’ products, things we connect to ‘goodness’ and ‘cleanliness’ are called green. I think the colour green is a wonderful source of inspiration!”

– however, instead of a dark wood, my mind’s eye went to a cool garden pond … much closer to home.

garden pond for wordpress

These are the yarns I made to capture the feeling – now what shall I make?


Spin Something Green

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