New for 2016 – Last Minute Lace

Grandmother's Lace Scarf

Easy to memorize 4-stitch lace repeat.  Make it in a fine weight yarn for a quick bit of summer flare with a favorite t-shirt or in a soft wool and get a jump on gift giving for the winter.

Last Minute Lace

Scarf for Web - Resizing2

Pretty Posies Crochet Scarf


It’s Spring!  Time to put away bulky wool scarves.  Happy posies litter a field of crochet mesh and brighten any outfit.

Pretty Posies Crochet Scarf





Handy Tool Bag for hand spinners and weavers

IMG_0208 Resized for WordPress

Quick and easy, this little tool bag can be modified to hold spindles!  Add a button and fold down the handle to keep your spindle secure in your bag.

Handy Tool Bag




The twelfth bear-y scarf of ChristmasImage of all the 2013 Teddy & Tess bears and their scaves

So lacy and sweet, a lengthwise knitted scarf for Tess is the perfect ending to Blended Threads 2013 series of little scarves.  We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Teddy and Tess.   They will be back with surprises and more fun throughout the year.

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 12



Image of a Teddy Bear wearing a fancy bow toe

The eleventh bear-y scarf of Christmas


Today, our friend Teddy is sporting a fancy crochet bow tie.

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 11



The tenth bear-y scarf of Christmas

2 pandas in snow


The other “moss” stitch has arrived – along with two adorable panda “bears” and some snowflakes.

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 10




Image of a saxaphone playing bright colored musical notes.

Let’s Get Musical …or…

The ninth bear-y scarf of Christmas


This pattern reminds me of an accordion.  Happy knitting.

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 9


45 degree angle

The eighth bear-y scarf of ChristmasIsolated teddy bear


It’s back to geometry class for this scarf, crocheted entirely in single crochet at a smart 45 degree angle.

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 8


Happy knitting New Year 2014

The seventh bear-y scarf of Christmas

The British are coming – well at least they’ve sent their definition of the knit “moss” stitch to us.  Americans tend to call this one “seed” stitch.  I just recently learned that American and British “moss” are not the same.    We’ll explore the American “moss” in a few days.

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 7


Top Hat and Crown for New YearsThe sixth bear-y scarf of Christmas


A little bit of lace today.  Tess  is dressing up for the New Years Eve party.

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 6



snowman with red-white lengthwise striped scarf

The fifth bear-y scarf of Christmas

Are you having as much fun making these scarves as I do?   I hope so.  Frosty the Snowman is joining the party.

We’re going to start “fancy-ing” things up a bit today – nothing hard to knit, but the results can be stunning.

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 5



Teddy bear on ripple blanket

The fourth bear-y scarf of Christmas

Step back in time for this crochet scarf.  Remember “ripples”?

 Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 4




Image of a teddy bear wearing a blue and purple striped scarfThe third bear-y scarf of Christmas

It’s STRIPES day!   Happy knitting…

Blended Threads 12 Scarves of Christmas, day 3



The second bear-y scarf of ChristmasImage of a teddy bear wearing a crocheted scarf

is crocheted – just single crochet this time.  But wait, crochet stitches have front and back loops just like knit stitches and look what happens if you place all your stitches in the back loops.  Instant texture!

Try one of those beautiful hand painted fingering weight yarns from your stash and watch the magic appear.

Blended Threads 12 scarves of Christmas, day 2




Image of a Teddy Bear knitting a blue scarfThe bear-y first scarf of Christmas

is sooo easy to knit in garter stitch.   What’s that, Teddy?  Oh, of course!

Teddy wants me to remind you all that the first stitch of every row on this scarf is knit through the back loop.

Have fun with your first scarf!




From the garden:  “Cables to Go”

Image of Cables to Go Hand Knit Scarf


Even in December, I like to believe that there are good things in our garden.  Here’s one for you to help warm your frigid days.

I love to knit cables.  I really love to knit cables.  This easier-than-it-looks pattern is based on a 2 x 2 rib.  Only 2 rows of the 12 row repeat require cable manipulation.

Thank you, Barbara G. Walker for your Treasury of Knitting Patterns from which I drew inspiration for this and the other soon to be released designs in this collection.

Cables to Go Scarf


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